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A seafaring man on the desert of waters

...even the weariest river winds somewhere safe to sea

J. Armstrong
20 April
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as a person
as an author
as a super junior fan
justin. made in the philippines,
cultured in canada, used in
america. studies mathematics,
dreams of being a university
professor. wishes to excel in
singing, playing piano, drawing,
and writing, but probably only
succeeds in the latter. born to be
creative, hasn't quite lived up to it
yet. longs for love but doesn't
seek it. obsessed with korea and
its culture.
has written for digimon, teen
titans, the legend of zelda, ouran
high school host club, tsubasa
chronicle reservoir, harry potter,
and south park in the past, as
well as having written original
fiction. currently writes for the
super junior fandom. enjoys
angst, drama, crack, bandfics,
and mostly everything except for
irrational character death and the
horror genre.
loves sungmin in a completely
heterosexual way. wants a
voice as godly as yesung's.
loves sj-trot. apt to reading
almost any pairing, but in
particular ships kyumin,
yewook, kihae, qmi, eunhae,
kimin, sihan, hanchul,
haepedia, kihaehyuk,
hyukhaemin, and yewookkoma.
you are welcome to friend
this lj account, whether you
wish to follow my writings or
to get to know me as a
friend. if you're here for my
writings, you may also want
to consider watching my
writing community (link
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